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Why Betta Advertising – Your Success is Our Mission

Experience the Difference of Expertise, Focus on ROI, and Robust Reporting and Analytics

  • Proven Digital Marketing Experience

  • Marketing Solutions That Drive Growth

  • Transparency Through Robust Reporting

“I am continually impressed with their level of expertise and their constant communication.”

Vince Garcia

Vice President of Ex-Hail

Some of the Brands We’ve Helped Grow

Meadows Garage Doors
Cal.net Logo
DFW Solar Electric
Southwest Sunset Homes
DFW Advocacy
Etheric Networks
Ex-Hail Auto Hail Repair

Let’s Work Together to Create Your Perfect Marketing Strategy

Specialized Industry Expertise

Deep industry knowledge that translates into effective digital marketing strategies and ROI for your business.

Lead Generation (B2C)

Build a strong, steady stream of quality leads for your business.


Stand out from the competition and increase online revenue.

Local Businesses

Attract more local customers and get them in the door.

Client Testimonial

“The team at Betta Advertising is fabulous. They built a beautiful website for my business and optimized it for search engines. Now I have a steady stream of new clients and am booked out for weeks.”

Melissa G.

Advocate, Speaker, and Trainer

Ben Griffiths
Ben Griffiths

Founder & CEO

Get a Better ROI with Betta Advertising

Get a Better ROI with Betta Advertising

Grow your traffic

With our expertise in SEO, social media marketing, and digital advertising, we drive more quality traffic to your site, expanding your reach and creating more opportunities for customer engagement.


Increase your sales

Our targeted marketing strategies are designed to connect with your ideal customers and guide them along the buying journey, turning prospects into purchasers and boosting your sales figures.

Sales Chart

What problem are you trying to solve?

How can I increase traffic to my website?

Our SEO and digital advertising services are specifically designed to boost your online visibility and drive more traffic to your website.

My business is not showing up on local search results. Can you help?

Absolutely. Our local SEO services can help optimize your business for local search results, helping you get found by customers in your area.

I have an e-commerce store. How can I increase my online sales?

With our e-commerce solutions, we focus on driving targeted traffic to your online store and optimizing your site to convert visitors into customers, thus increasing your online sales.

How can I generate more leads for my business?

Our lead generation services are designed to attract high-quality leads using targeted advertising, effective landing pages, and conversion rate optimization techniques.

Can you help me understand the performance of my marketing campaigns?

Yes, we provide robust analytics and reporting as part of our services to give you a clear understanding of your campaign performance and the ROI you’re achieving.

Learn How We Have Helped Businesses Like Yours

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Our experience, expertise, and a relentless focus on ROI set us apart from other agencies. We believe in creating value for our clients and proving that value with clear, measurable results.

“I can tell that Betta has a lot of experience and knowledge. If you’re looking for a place to get your business growing Betta Advertising can help.”

Dr. Cooper Anderson


Ben Griffiths
Ben Griffiths
Founder & CEO

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