The Challenge

In the bustling off-road shop market, Impulse Offroad faced stiff competition. High industry demand led to a saturated digital space with off-road shops vying for customer attention. It was becoming increasingly challenging to attract new customers, and as a result, Impulse Offroad was underutilizing its shop capacity.

The Process

Betta Advertising embarked on a multi-pronged strategy to revitalize Impulse Offroad’s digital presence and attract more customers. Our approach involved:

  • Launching a fresh, user-friendly website to make Impulse Offroad stand out in the crowded market

  • Implementing SEO best practices to increase the website’s visibility on search engine result pages

  • Managing Impulse Offroad’s Google Ads to attract high-quality customers

  • Leveraging AI-powered call summaries to monitor performance in real time

The Results

Our comprehensive strategy yielded significant results for Impulse Offroad. With an engaging new website, improved search engine rankings, and effective Google Ads management, Impulse Offroad not only reached its full business capacity but also began booking jobs three to four weeks in advance.


New Calls Per Day

A steady stream of new business keeps the shop at capacity.


Increased Conversion

Higher quality ads resulted in improved performance.


Greater Efficiency

Better user experience resulted in lower cost-per-acquisition.

“Betta Advertising has been awesome to work with. We get so many calls now that we can barely keep up with demand.”

Justin Yu
Justin Yu

Vice President


Impulse Offroad’s case demonstrates the potential of a multi-pronged digital marketing approach in driving business growth. With a new, user-friendly website, optimized for search engines, and effective Google Ads management, we helped Impulse Offroad not only meet its business capacity but even exceed it. This case exemplifies Betta Advertising’s commitment to understanding our clients’ unique needs, employing the best strategies, and driving tangible results.

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Dr. Cooper Anderson


Ben Griffiths
Ben Griffiths
Founder & CEO

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