The Challenge, an ISP serving the rural communities of California, faced a dual challenge: reaching a limited audience within line-of-sight constraints and competing with larger corporations wielding substantial advertising budgets.

The Process

Understanding the distinct needs of, Betta dove into crafting a tailored Google Ads strategy, focusing on:

  • Data-driven Keyword Optimization: Using specific long-tail keywords such as “reliable rural internet provider in California” and “line-of-sight internet in Sierra Foothills” to target customers who were explicitly searching for such services.

  • Brand Performance and Awareness: Highlighting’s unique value propositions, such as their local presence, commitment to rural communities, and personal customer service, in ad copies to distinguish them from large corporations.

  • Increasing Lead Volume and Market Share: Betta launched location-specific ad campaigns focusing on each county that served, resulting in a broader reach and increased lead volume.

The Results

The collaboration with resulted in measurable and substantial improvements:


Higher Impression Share

Increase in impression share, denoting improved market presence.


More Leads

A staggering increase in leads, showing the effectiveness of a well-targeted campaign.


Decrease in CPL

Decrease in cost-per-lead (CPL), signaling more cost-effective ad spending.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in qualified leads since Betta took over our Google Ads. Their understanding of our unique challenges and their strategic approach to our campaign has undoubtedly made a difference.”

Laura Schaub
Laura Schaub

Marketing Director


The success story of underlines Betta Advertising’s commitment to understanding the unique challenges of each client and crafting tailored, data-driven strategies that deliver. Despite a challenging environment, Betta helped increase leads and reduce cost-per-lead, ensuring a higher return on advertising spend for

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Dr. Cooper Anderson


Ben Griffiths
Ben Griffiths
Founder & CEO

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